The Andy Capp Defense

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One of my favorite comic strips growing up was Andy Capp.  It was about a no good layabout who justified his misbehavior in all manner of ways.

In one of the classic strips the first panel shows Andy in a pub holding the hand of a young bar maid.  In the next, his wife Flo comes through the door and declares that he is cheating on her.  In the third panel Andy, in righteous indignation avers “Me cheating on you!  You’re supposed to be playing bingo!”

I think of this comic strip now when I realize that we have a true life Andy Capp running for president.   That is Hillary Clinton.  It is impossible to list all the scandals that she has been associated with.  From the time she and her husband have entered into public life their names have been tied to one scandal after another.

Their  method of dealing with the scandals is to lie and then to accuse their accusers of some minor infraction.

Let’s take the email scandal.

First Mrs Clinton states that she did not really have a private server.  Then she admits it but that it was for personnel emails only. The we discover that she used it for State Department emails, in violation of the law.

Then she said it was done with the approval of the State Department.  When this is shown to be false, she accused previous Secretaries of State of the same actions.  When this excuse falls apart she claims that she is being singled out because she is  woman.  (I wonder what Candeleza Rice made of that one?)

So at the end we realize that she has lied about this matter.  But her defense is that they (the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) is out to get her and, besides, everybody does it.

And besides, Trump has not released his tax returns.  Wow!

The sad truth is that everybody doesn’t do it.

That the reason that she is not considered trustworthy is that she has a sordid history.  And that history is of her own making.

I want to say that I am not that enamored with Donald Trump.  He was my 17th choice of the 17 people who ran for president in the Republican primaries.  I did not vote for him.  But I will vote for him due to the fact that he will not steal from me and demand that I love him for it.

He did not knowingly lie about his background or his misdeeds.  As sad as this is, I will be holding my nose when I vote.




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Just some random thoughts on the passing scene.

Why is it that the mainstream media cannot bring itself to admit that there is a problem with extremist Muslems.  Whenever there is a terror incident the last thing that they focus on is that the perpetrator is a Jihadi.  They come up with all sorts of excuses but never admit to the fact that there are people who want to kill us for being us.

On that note, with the Black Lives Matter movement, it seems that almost every time a police killing of a black man is investigated that it turns out that the police had a good reason to suspect the “victim”.  This is not to say that the police are justified in every case, but that in the majority of cases they are.

Just a thought.  A successful business creates more jobs than any government program.

Have you noticed that when non Jews are murdered by terrorists it makes headlines.  When Jews are murdered it is old news.  I wonder why?

How many crimes have been prevented by the use of gun violence, or the threat of gun violence?

Just some random thoughts

Travelling in Lithuania

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We are travellin in Lithuania.  It seems very fitting that we should be visiting this country during the Three Weeks.

The Three Weeks is ythe period  between the 17th of Tamuz and the 9th of Av.  That is the traditional mourning period for the destruction of the Holy Temple.  (The 17th of Tamuz is considered to be the date on which the Romans broke through the walls of Jerusalem, that ws the beginning of the end of the Second Temple.)

I bring this up because Lithuania used to have a vibrant Jewish community.  It was the intellectual center of the Jewish world for about 200 plus years.

In 1940 this all came to an end.  First the Soviets invaded.  Then on June 22, 1941 the Germans invaded.  Within the three years of the German occupation 96% of the Jewish population of this country.  The the Russians came back.  They refused to allow any Jewish life to return to Lithuania.

What is left is a community that is totally ignorant of their own past.

So as we travel around this country, it is just sad to think about what was and what is.

Some Random Thoughts

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I know that I haven’t blogged in a while.

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